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Talent Show With A Universal Meaning

Posted 7/9/2019 9:02am by David Zemelsky.

For those of you who just want to know about the food we have to offer, please just skip ahead.  I do tend to talk.

I'm writing about Dan (not his real name.  I promised him that there'd be some anomomity for him. ) Anyway, this Sunday was Talent Show Day at my house.  It was tried a few years ago with great success and somehow it took a while for it to happen again.  I invited everyone on my street to come over mid afternoon and bring an act.  No act too small or too anything.  The idea was to have participation by as many people as possible.  Let's share our talents with everyone else.  The list was eclectic to say the least.  Here's a short sampling: Bad Dad Jokes, Dance Instruction, Reading a favorite kids story, a recitation of the planets (in order from closest to the sun to least close), instrumental pieces, Knock knock jokes.  Get the idea?  And each act was thoroughly and warmly received by an appreciative audience.  As people arrived, I asked each person what they'd do.  When I asked Dan, he wasn't sure-he'd get back to me.  So we agreed that I'd put him down for "Ad Lib" for the moment.  Later, after several of the acts had already happened, I asked Dan if he was ready.  "Not yet".  More time went by and more acts, so I asked again.  At that point, he said that he needed to go home and print lyrics.  So we had an intermission.  More time went by and I began to feel that I'd pushed too hard and that he wasn't going to return, which would have been terrible.  Now, I was feeling double bad.   Finally, I asked his wife Agnes (again, not her real name) if he'd check and tell him that he absolutely did not need to do anything.  She went back to their house to do that.  Finally, he returned saying that it had taken so long because he couldn't get the printer to print what he wanted but that he was ready.  He told the friendly crowd that he wanted to sing "Country Roads", by John Denver for all of us because that area of the country (West Virginia) had some real special meaning for him that was tied up with both place and family. He said it was the kind of song that helped put him in a special place of mind. Would there be any volunteers to help him sing this, he asked the crowd. Of course, I had to say yes,seeing as though the responsibility  for putting him in this position now rested on my shoulders (or so I thought).  So a small ensemble set out singing with Dan.  And we did alright once we found a mutually acceptable key after two verses.  Ever try to sing this song?  It's harder than I thought.  It goes WAY high for two notes.  Took my breath away.  But we got through it and Dan was fine with it all.

So why tell you story? And what does it have to do with Star Light? Or good eating?  Well, to my mind, everything.  It's about following one's gut.  Even though I might have pushed Dan further than he wanted to be pushed, something inside of me knew that he wanted to get up there and do something.  My job wasn't really to push anyone, just find out what people wanted to do and make a list.  But I went further and so did Dan and we were both the better for it.  Dan, especially. In working the farm, these kinds of values will reward one tenfold. Going that extra step-its going to pay off 95 times out of a 100.  And following what your gut says- that's got to be 98 times out of a 100.  And I'll try not to digress here into how there's been conclusive  studies that show that  we do actually think with our guts.  Save that one for another day.

OK. Now to the food.  And there's lots. And lots

Tomato supplies are increasing.  What I'd say is: order exactly what you want and we'll do our best.  Each week, there's more.  It will eventually get to the place where the supply will seem like a waterfall that won't be stopped

Heirlooms and Juliets- $7/lb

Sun Golds- $6.50/pint

Sukura ( a larger red cherry, PACKED with flavor $6.50

Artisan-kind of a middle ground between cherry and heirlooms.  Multi colored and just plain awesome.  $6.50/pint

Salad Greens and Arugula -$6/bag.  Two bags for $10

Soyu Cucumbers- curly, and sweet, unique, too  $2.75 each

Radishes and Haukeri Turnips- $4/bunch


Bunching Onions -both white and red $3/bunch

Summer Squash- both green and yellow.  Let me know which ones. $4/bag (about a lb and a quarter)

Fresh Herbs- ah Summer! Dill, Oregano,Thyme and Genevese Basil $3/bunch

Big Kale- $4/bunch

Swiss Chard-$3.50

Collards- $3/bunch

Beets- You've got to experience roasted beets! And try Jen's idea- roast them with coconut oil. $4/bunch

Chinese Cabbage, Pak Choi and Tokyo Bekana- $3.50/bunch

Jen's Now Totally Famous Bouquest-even though this is her first year going solo on flowers, Jen has mastered the bouquet with ease. $8/bunch

Sunflowers - $5/bunch

Dill heads - $1/each

Nasturiums- a nice bag for $5

That's what we have.  I feel so aware about how lucky we are. Good soil, plenty of water, able minds and bodies.  Its not like that every where you turn. So, I'm grateful.  Very.

Have a great week