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Not enough hours to the day

Posted 8/1/2018 10:32am by David Zemelsky.

Dear those of true heart and bellies

Joel Here

Never in my life have I felt this to be more true than here and now in the heat of the summer and the peak of harvest.  I want to harvest everything at just the right moment to keep things like our squash and cucumbers as productive as possible.  I'd love to get every last cherry tomato before they split but the reality is one must turn towards priorities, as heart breaking as leaving a tomato behind can be.

There's beds to be prepped, seed to be sown, transplants to well transplant and all the while trying to keep up against the power of nature. While summer may mean ideal conditions for vacation to most, it also means ideal conditions for many garden pests, weeds and not so ideal conditions for sprouting many a seed. But let's not bore you with the less enjoyable parts of my day.

The fight for good food continues in earnest here at the farm.  And yes we've fallen right off the tomato cliff and it's a long way down.

This weeks offerings

Tomatoes $7/lb

Cherry Tomatoes $6/pint

Tomatillos $4/pint

Kale $4/bunch

Swiss Chard $3/bunch

Collards $3/bunch

Carrots $5/lb

Red Onions $3/lb

Spring onions $4/bunch

Garlic $3.50 each

Summer squash mostly yellow $3/lb

Beets $4/bunch

Aroma Basil $3.50/bunch

Cilantro $3.50/ bunch

Thai and Spicy bush basil $4/bunch

Slicing Cukes $6/lb

Pickling Cukes $0.50/each

Mustard Greens $6/bag limited amount first come first serve

Let us know your orders by 8AM tomorrow for pick up after 2 P.M. out front in the shed.

Thanks Again